The idea of titers/antibodies as the “gold standard” positive indication of immunity is one recently-developed by the conventional medical world.  When using HP, you should not expect the development of titers or antibodies.  Technically, the body’s production of antibodies is one of the last things it does in its natural response to disease – and this does not always take place.  Additionally, it has been known for at least twenty years within the allopathic (conventional) world, that the presence of titers/antibodies is not always an indication of immunity at all – nor, conversely, is the absence of these indicative of no immunity.  

There have been anecdotal cases when titers have been present after the administration of HP nosodes – but this should simply not be expected.

What has been standing, though, is that HP has been shown again and again to stimulate immunity about 90% of the time – and this is when known exposure to disease has occurred.