Are there any studies that have been done into HP?

There are many studies confirming the effectiveness of HP.  A growing number of these can be found right on this website, . These studies have been going on for more than 200 years.  Homeoprophylaxis is a very well-studied approach for immunisation.

What side effects can I expect from HP?

Homeoprophylaxis generally produces no “side effects”.  However, do keep in mind that there can be the occasional occurrence of mild symptoms that are connected to the disease itself.  Keep in mind that this is actually a very good thing.  It shows that the body is actually recognizing the energies that are being introduced to it, and is responding appropriately.

For example, if the nosode for Pertussis (whooping cough) is administered, a small cough may develop.

As a rule, if this happens as a result of the nosode, there are two things you will notice as well.  1 – This will be a very mild occurrence.  And 2 – It will resolve itself within about 24 hours.

If this does happen, too, please be sure to make note of this in your HP Handbook, and let your HP supervisor know.  What this represents is that HP is actually doing its job – and will be very good to be a part of the record for the use of HP in the United States.

If something happens that doesn’t follow this picture, please do let your supervisor know, and he/she can direct you further.

Just remain assured that HP is inherently safe medicine and is educating the immune system through its proper use.

Is it possible to contract any of diseases after the HP remedy is taken? – What are the likelihood and possible severity if contracted?

No method of immunization is 100% effective. There is always a risk of catching a disease. Diet, toxic exposure, and stress level all contribute to immunity. Receiving the energies, or the ‘frequency’ of a disease through HP lessens the likelihood of contracting this disease. In Dr. Golden’s study, with children who had been positively exposed to the diseases, HP proved an almost consistent 90% effectiveness rate.

If a disease is contracted after taking HP, it is typically much milder and short-lived. Because of the homeopathic nosodes, the body’s immune system is educated and, therefore, knows how to manage a disease more effectively. The system recognizes the disease on an energetic level. In the event of contracting any disease, please contact your healthcare provider.

Where is HP recognized as an immunisation option?

At this point in time, there is only one nation that has official governmental recognition that HP is an effective alternative for immunisation.  This nation is India, where homeopathy is already very widely used – 100 million people there use homeopathy exclusively.  Because HP is being used very effectively there, it is becoming more widely recognized.  This is one of the reasons HPWWC puts together its international conferences – to help even more people learn of how effective HP is.

Will my child’s school accept HP in place of vaccination?

HP is not yet recognized on an “official” level.  We, through HPWWC, are consulting with attorneys, working to bring HP to the level where it is recognized and utilized for the immunisation alternative that it is.  Until then, please follow your state/province’s regulations, as far as declaring an exemption from vaccines.  Your HP practitioner, through HPWWC, can provide you with a form to use for schools, daycares, camps, or even places of employment that state your child is or you personally are using homeoprophylaxis. It is your responsibility to be aware of your state’s exemption policy and comply with any regulations.

Will my child show titers for the diseases covered in the homeoprophylaxis program?

The idea of titers/antibodies as the “gold standard” positive indication of immunity is one recently-developed by the conventional medical world.  When using HP, you should not expect the development of titers or antibodies.  Technically, the body’s production of antibodies is one of the last things it does in its natural response to disease – and this does not always take place.  Additionally, it has been known for at least twenty years within the allopathic (conventional) world, that the presence of titers/antibodies is not always an indication of immunity at all – nor, conversely, is the absence of these indicative of no immunity.  

There have been anecdotal cases when titers have been present after the administration of HP nosodes – but this should simply not be expected.

What has been standing, though, is that HP has been shown again and again to stimulate immunity about 90% of the time – and this is when known exposure to disease has occurred. 

To build immunity, isn’t it better to simply do nothing, eat well and take supplements?

Indeed, that is a common assumption. And sound nutrition is definitely a part of robust immunity. Here’s the difference: As part of the 15-year study Dr. Isaac Golden did of 3000 children in Australia, he put children into 4 groups: children who received only HP for immunisation; vaccinated children; unvaccinated children who ate organic and had good health; and children for whom the parents did nothing at all. What he found was that, in nearly every case, the HP group had better long-term health outcomes. In other words, they had fewer colds, ear infections, etc. He said that, while this is not yet a conclusive study, he still feels this can be attributed to the concept that those in the HP-only group were actually receiving the diseases in an energetic form and thus had all the benefits of natural disease with none of the risks. In other words, they were educating their immune systems in a healthy way.

Who is ‘liable’ if there’s an injury or death when taking homeoprophylaxis?

No injury or death from homeoprophylaxis has occurred in more than 200 years of use.  It is an inherently safe form of immunisation.  This being said, please remember that no method of disease protection is 100% effective – not vaccines, not HP. The only ‘liability’ is a chance of catching a disease. This is why parents are asked to sign a statement saying they are taking responsibility for their child’s health and are advised to have the input of their healthcare practitioner.

This is also why you will be able to do HP under the supervision of a trained homeopath or other healthcare provider.

And be assured that the effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis stands at about 90%.

What if my child is sick at the time of a scheduled dose of homeoprophylaxis?

Wait until your child is well for 48 hours before dosing.  Remember that the body can only actively work against one single disease at a time.  Is the body only affected by one single disease at a time?  No.  But the body inherently knows how to differentiate and determine what to focus on.  Honor what the body is working to do.  It knows itself!  Once this is done, allow the body to rebuild itself for a short period of time.  When the body’s vitality is up and strong once again, then continue on with HP.

What if we forget a dose of homeoprophylaxis?

No problem! Just pick up where you left off when you start again. Having gaps of time is no problem. The schedule is very flexible.  You can easily keep track of this in the HP Handbook/record book, too.

Can you “overdose” the homeoprophylaxis pellets – or homeopathic pellets in general?

No.  Homeopathy is energetic and inherently safe medicine.  This means that the body takes from the homeopathic medicine exactly what it needs, nothing more, nothing less. Entire vials of pellets treated with a homeopathically-prepared substance have been ingested, and no adverse effects have resulted.

Must we finish the entire homeoprophylaxis program before there’s any immunity?

No.  As soon as the first dose is taken, the body begins its work on immunisation. Now, with this in mind, know that we each still have different susceptibilities (weaknesses) to certain diseases. If your ancestors had asthma or tuberculosis, for example, you may have an increased susceptibility to pertussis. Once you take a dose of the HP pellets, your system begins to recognize the information communicated and then educates the immune system to hold this in memory until the disease is encountered in nature.

What’s the best age to start homeoprophylaxis (HP)?

HP can be started at any age. We usually recommend probably not starting infants until about six months.  This way they have time to form a good nursing relationship and mom knows his or her temperament.  But a lot also depends upon the unique situation of the family.  Please consult with your homeopath/supervisor for specific answers and guidelines here.

What is a “nosode”?

A nosode is a special homeopathic medicine made from diseased tissue or a substance produced because of a disease.  These are still inherently safe, as they are potentized to the point that not a molecule of the original substance remains.  It is the energies of these substances that are used to educate the immune system through HP.

Can we catch the diseases from the HP pellets?

No.  Properly made homeopathic medicines follow a very specific manner that has been used for more than 200 years.  There is not a molecule of the original substance remaining in any homeopathic medicine used for prophylaxis – it is the pure nontoxic energies of the substance.  In a very real way, when you utilize HP, you are exposing the body to an energetic and nontoxic form of the disease.  When the body recognizes these energies, it responds appropriately, which, about 90% of the time, results in immunity.  Additionally, unlike vaccines that contain live viruses, there is nothing that is “shed” with HP.  The information provided through a homeopathic nosode is received only by the recipient. You can liken this to a cell phone – you can’t receive a call going to someone else’s cell phone.  Likewise, you cannot receive the frequency of a disease someone else just took in HP form.

When does disease protection begin?

A degree of protection has been shown to often begin as soon as the first dose of homeoprophylaxis is administered. Each subsequent dose goes deeper into the system, allowing even deeper protection. Depending on individual variables, protection is estimated to last at least 5-10 years.  “Boosters” can be given, if desired.  Many desire to do a “booster” of the full long-term childhood HP program once completed.  Some choose to do so after a period of time or after a major event (such as a major move or at a certain age).  If there is a major illness or injury or other traumatic event that happens while doing HP or after doing the full long-term protocol, contact your homeopath/supervisor.  Such incidents may require re-dosing or, at its most extreme, beginning the entire protocol once more.  Everything is very individual and can easily be accommodated – homeopathy, generally speaking, works with the body, and the body has the natural desire to be well. 

Please keep in mind, as well, that nosodes/remedies are available for nearly every disease.  Please talk to your homeopath/supervisor if you are interested in any of these.

Why do you only have a certain number of remedies in the childhood homeoprophylaxis kit? [WHY NOT FLU, CHICKEN POX, RUBELLA]

To understand, when considering immunisation, is first and foremost, that diseases and illnesses should not be feared.  These are an essential and important part of life. Educating the immune system, as we like to say regarding homeoprophylaxis, is assisting the body to become stronger and healthier.

Please also consider the attached figure, showing just a few benefits of some more common diseases.

It is generally best to honor the body and work with the disease-causing agents within our environment.  These are living entities that desire to survive and will change and adapt to do so.  Using HP to educate the immune system allows health to be promoted in a very natural and whole wy.

For the childhood HP kit utilized for HPWWC, we elected to focus on the 8 diseases, as these seem to be the most important at this time.

Not included in the basic kit are the following diseases for the following reasons:

  • Chickenpox (Varicella): This disease, when contracted during childhood, confers lifelong immunity, as well as protection from many cancers.  It also plays a role in immune maturation. Wild CP is best.  After the CP vaccine came out, the incidence of shingles increased because people were no longer receiving immune boosts. Best to contract wild CP.
  • Diphtheria: No incidence in many decades and easily treatable.
  • Influenza: The flu is short-term – the HP kit is for long-term protection.  Influenzinum, the nosode used for flu prevention, is available separately, if desired.
  • Hepatitis A: Not life threatening and easily treatable. Only contagious through fecal matter in food or water. 
  • Hepatitis B: Only an issue if your child shares needles or body fluids with someone with Hep B.  The incidence in the US is under 2%.
  • HPV: This is a manufactured vaccine for a problem that isn’t a problem. 95% of sexually active people carry HPV and clear it spontaneously within 2 years. The vaccine addresses 3 of the 100+ strains and besides many injuries recorded, is also causing other strains (formerly less problematic) to become more virulent.  This is an illustration of the wreckage that can occur when you mess with Mother Nature.
  • Rotavirus: 95% of the population gets this and natural disease confers lifelong immunity. Only an issue if you reside in a country with no access to clean water or rehydration.
  • Rubella: Only an issue for pregnant women. We advise adding this one only to women during childbearing years.

How does HP “work”?

In short, homeopathic prophylaxis works by exposing the body to an inherently safe and nontoxic energetic form of a disease.  What has been shown in studies being done for more than 200 years is that, when this is done, the body, about 90% of the time, recognizes these energies and responds in an appropriate way – this generally being with immunity.