To understand, when considering immunisation, is first and foremost, that diseases and illnesses should not be feared.  These are an essential and important part of life. Educating the immune system, as we like to say regarding homeoprophylaxis, is assisting the body to become stronger and healthier.

Please also consider the attached figure, showing just a few benefits of some more common diseases.

It is generally best to honor the body and work with the disease-causing agents within our environment.  These are living entities that desire to survive and will change and adapt to do so.  Using HP to educate the immune system allows health to be promoted in a very natural and whole wy.

For the childhood HP kit utilized for HPWWC, we elected to focus on the 8 diseases, as these seem to be the most important at this time.

Not included in the basic kit are the following diseases for the following reasons:

  • Chickenpox (Varicella): This disease, when contracted during childhood, confers lifelong immunity, as well as protection from many cancers.  It also plays a role in immune maturation. Wild CP is best.  After the CP vaccine came out, the incidence of shingles increased because people were no longer receiving immune boosts. Best to contract wild CP.
  • Diphtheria: No incidence in many decades and easily treatable.
  • Influenza: The flu is short-term – the HP kit is for long-term protection.  Influenzinum, the nosode used for flu prevention, is available separately, if desired.
  • Hepatitis A: Not life threatening and easily treatable. Only contagious through fecal matter in food or water. 
  • Hepatitis B: Only an issue if your child shares needles or body fluids with someone with Hep B.  The incidence in the US is under 2%.
  • HPV: This is a manufactured vaccine for a problem that isn’t a problem. 95% of sexually active people carry HPV and clear it spontaneously within 2 years. The vaccine addresses 3 of the 100+ strains and besides many injuries recorded, is also causing other strains (formerly less problematic) to become more virulent.  This is an illustration of the wreckage that can occur when you mess with Mother Nature.
  • Rotavirus: 95% of the population gets this and natural disease confers lifelong immunity. Only an issue if you reside in a country with no access to clean water or rehydration.
  • Rubella: Only an issue for pregnant women. We advise adding this one only to women during childbearing years.