A degree of protection has been shown to often begin as soon as the first dose of homeoprophylaxis is administered. Each subsequent dose goes deeper into the system, allowing even deeper protection. Depending on individual variables, protection is estimated to last at least 5-10 years.  “Boosters” can be given, if desired.  Many desire to do a “booster” of the full long-term childhood HP program once completed.  Some choose to do so after a period of time or after a major event (such as a major move or at a certain age).  If there is a major illness or injury or other traumatic event that happens while doing HP or after doing the full long-term protocol, contact your homeopath/supervisor.  Such incidents may require re-dosing or, at its most extreme, beginning the entire protocol once more.  Everything is very individual and can easily be accommodated – homeopathy, generally speaking, works with the body, and the body has the natural desire to be well. 

Please keep in mind, as well, that nosodes/remedies are available for nearly every disease.  Please talk to your homeopath/supervisor if you are interested in any of these.