Homeoprophylaxis generally produces no “side effects”.  However, do keep in mind that there can be the occasional occurrence of mild symptoms that are connected to the disease itself.  Keep in mind that this is actually a very good thing.  It shows that the body is actually recognizing the energies that are being introduced to it, and is responding appropriately.

For example, if the nosode for Pertussis (whooping cough) is administered, a small cough may develop.

As a rule, if this happens as a result of the nosode, there are two things you will notice as well.  1 – This will be a very mild occurrence.  And 2 – It will resolve itself within about 24 hours.

If this does happen, too, please be sure to make note of this in your HP Handbook, and let your HP supervisor know.  What this represents is that HP is actually doing its job – and will be very good to be a part of the record for the use of HP in the United States.

If something happens that doesn’t follow this picture, please do let your supervisor know, and he/she can direct you further.

Just remain assured that HP is inherently safe medicine and is educating the immune system through its proper use.