Indeed, that is a common assumption. And sound nutrition is definitely a part of robust immunity. Here’s the difference: As part of the 15-year study Dr. Isaac Golden did of 3000 children in Australia, he put children into 4 groups: children who received only HP for immunisation; vaccinated children; unvaccinated children who ate organic and had good health; and children for whom the parents did nothing at all. What he found was that, in nearly every case, the HP group had better long-term health outcomes. In other words, they had fewer colds, ear infections, etc. He said that, while this is not yet a conclusive study, he still feels this can be attributed to the concept that those in the HP-only group were actually receiving the diseases in an energetic form and thus had all the benefits of natural disease with none of the risks. In other words, they were educating their immune systems in a healthy way.