No.  Properly made homeopathic medicines follow a very specific manner that has been used for more than 200 years.  There is not a molecule of the original substance remaining in any homeopathic medicine used for prophylaxis – it is the pure nontoxic energies of the substance.  In a very real way, when you utilize HP, you are exposing the body to an energetic and nontoxic form of the disease.  When the body recognizes these energies, it responds appropriately, which, about 90% of the time, results in immunity.  Additionally, unlike vaccines that contain live viruses, there is nothing that is “shed” with HP.  The information provided through a homeopathic nosode is received only by the recipient. You can liken this to a cell phone – you can’t receive a call going to someone else’s cell phone.  Likewise, you cannot receive the frequency of a disease someone else just took in HP form.